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Eli Manning and the New York Giants are negotiating an extension for the two time winning super bowl champion. Right now Eli makes an annual base salary of $17 million. Now he looks to be become the highest paid player in the NFL and he will most certainly get it. Rather you like him or not, he’s the most decorated QB to play for the Giants since Phil Simms. His Regular season record isn’t impressive at 91-76. But in the playoffs he is 8-3 with two rings to show. So whether he’s worth it or not is not the... 

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Back in the early 1900′s, baseball cards were sold alongside tobacco products. Various players for various teams were on these cards. There was one player named Honus Wagner that was not a tobacco supporter. Because of his anti tobacco views, he wouldn’t give permission for his image to be placed on these cards. Immediately all cards that were in production, with him on them, were pulled and destroyed. Except for a select few that made it out. No one truly knows how many made it out, but it’s believed that... 

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Memphis Grizzlies player Matt Barnes recently stated to TMZ, that he and Rhianna were dating. This was news to Rhianna who took to Instagram and publicly crushed Barnes. The hashtags say it all. #shesnotthatintoyou, #shesnotthatintoyouatall, #thedevilsaliar, #shesneverevenmetyou, #defomationofcharacter, and #thisactuallyhurtmyfeelings. Glen “Baby” Davis, former teammate of Barnes had this to say. “I think he likes her,” Davis said. “I think he just had a big crush. He said a little too much. He has... 

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With the exit of Dan Quinn in Seattle as he left for a head coaching spot in Atlanta, the Legion of Boom could quickly become the Legion of Doom for Seahawks fans. Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas are both nursing injuries, not to mention the Seahawks shutdown corner Richard Sherman is enjoying life with a fat contract and new baby boy who his girlfriend Ashley Moss gave birth to earlier this year. The NFC champs could be starting the season with Tharold Simon replacing Sherman at cornerback and Ryan Smith-Murphy at Free... 

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Mark Cuban was quoted on the Cowherd show that the Deandre Jordan situation was like “Makeup Sex”. Basically insinuating that Jordan’s instinct told him to leave the Clippers based on the lack of investment and effort the Clippers have spent on trying to make DeAndre more of the teams focal point. Instead L.A. utilized numerous resources on their forward Blake Griffin, with Blake’s numbers and game in the paint along with shooting ability, elevating to one of the top producers in the NBA. Its clear...