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Mark Cuban was quoted on the Cowherd show that the Deandre Jordan situation was like “Makeup Sex”. Basically insinuating that Jordan’s instinct told him to leave the Clippers based on the lack of investment and effort the Clippers have spent on trying to make DeAndre more of the teams focal point. Instead L.A. utilized numerous resources on their forward Blake Griffin, with Blake’s numbers and game in the paint along with shooting ability, elevating to one of the top producers in the NBA. Its clear that Griffin has received all of the attention in the offseason, while Jordan continues to only be a one dimensional defensive player. Cuban went on the specify that once the “Make Up sex” is over Jordan will still be gazing at a team with the same issues as far as team personnel is concerned that need to be improved in order to help the Clippers become a true NBA Champion favorite. The Mavericks owner compared this situation to gazing at the same old girl friend or companion after the guilty make up sex is over and the poor chap is in the same situation. Maybe Mark Cuban is speaking from first hand experience considering Blogs such as Deadspin have posted articles on Cuban’s possible infidelities and fall outs with wife Tiffany Stewart Cuban. Since Mark Cuban is the 459th wealthiest individual in the world worth over $2 Billion, it appears to be more beneficial to stay faithful to his wife of 15+ years as a divorce would mean giving up close to 50% or more of the billions earned.

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